Dr. Harold Arkoff is the co-founder and President. In his previous roles Dr. Arkoff was the founder and CEO of CyberSoft Healthcare and is a distinguished physician, anesthesiologist, researcher and author.

We Are A Company Founded By A Doctor,
Funded By Doctors, For Doctors

Too many good companies with passionate founders have failed due to misalignment between investors and founders. This will not happen to us. We have the experience, we have the passion, and we call the shots. We have complete freedom to innovate. Our customers are our investors. We answer to them, not to venture capitalists, the stock market, or a board of directors. We are managed by serial entrepreneurs with more than 60 years of combined internet, enterprise software experience, healthcare consultancy and cybersecurity.

Vedran Jukic is the co-founder and CTO. In his previous roles Vedran was co-founder and an important contributor to the success of Nuvon, Bernoulli and ServerNet.He is a distinguished medical and industrial engineer and world expert in hospital connectivity and networking.

Dylan Reid, Operations Manager- is our expert in sales, marketing, and communications. He has spent the last decade working in sales & operations in the SaaS & Database Industry, Real Estate, and the Automotive industry