Mission Coronavirus- Italy

As you know, COVID-19 is overwhelming the global healthcare system. People are dying in Italy who would survive under normal circumstances. 1 out of 5 patients gets admitted to Intensive Care and this will be a reality for the United States. We can help and we need you to do so.

We at OneSource are the only company in the world that we know of who have addressed the problem of interoperability of medical devices in hospitals. We do this with our OneSource Device which in this case will be connected to a ventilator and any bedside monitor to Get, Share, and Act on data. This allows physicians and nurses to remote view and remote control the devices keeping them and the patients safe. OneSource is capable of much more and its other capabilities will be needed soon as well.

The current situation in Italy is this. New intensive care facilities are being setup with various ventilators, patient monitors, and other medical equipment ranging from old to new, domestic to foreign, different generations, and different manufacturers. This lack of interoperability prevents single vendor central stations (remote viewing) to work in this multi-vendor environment. OneSource was designed to solve this issue.