Our team from OSSI will be participating at Medica 2021, in Dusseldorf Germany. Medica is the worlds largest event for the medical sector and you can find our team, ready to connect with you, at Hall 12 booth D57. Contact us here or at dreid@oss.international for more information



What is Medical Data Governance?It is the the true source of normalized, validated, continuous data from many sources and devices into a universal, AI Ready data-set. 

Medical Data Governance (MDG) is layered and divided into 3 functional units:
  • 1. Digital Black Box Recording
  • 2. Positive Patient Identification and Data Validation
  • 3. True Source of Medical Data and Data Export for other systems

First layer of Medical Data Governance is Digital Black Box Recording. Black boxes are medical devices that measure continuous patient data – such as Multi-Parametric Patient Monitoring, Anesthesia machines, EEG, and similar devices to the “continuous” group of potentially retrievable medical data , where the session beginning, duration, and therefore end can be associated from continuous, complete data flow, without data interruption.

Second Layer of Medical Data Governance is Positive Patient Identification and Data Validation Positive Patient Identification and Data Validation. The process of association between the patient and the data collected, collecting or to be collected. External process, software or system associates Patient Identification code to a location or patient to patient Identification code..

Third Layer of Medical Data Governance is data extraction and single point of truth for legacy and future healthcare data systems. Medical Data Outputs and de-identified Research Data Exports Dependencies for adequate data outputs are defined as follows: the database is populated with the different patient associated data sessions records, and the different PHI data are also recorded and protected from non-authorized use and interfaced to the MDG, Block Chain external service is used to grant against data doctoring and interfaced to the MDG.