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OneSource ORMS®

Health care facilities today are challenged to increase the operating efficiency of their facilities as a response to escalating cost-efficiency demands and evolving standards in patient care. Efficient operating rooms require leadership, teamwork and actionable data to succeed. OneSource™ ORMS® (Operating Room Management Software) represents a revolutionary approach to managing the operating room. It is a fully customizable, fully mobile application that integrates the functions of OR scheduling, patient flow, personnel scheduling, resource allocation, and communication. OneSource™ is built upon logistic management, pipeline analytics and LEAN methodology. OneSource™ provides instant communication of case status and personnel information to the perioperative care team – from the patient’s arrival through post-surgery discharge. Knowing “what’s going on now” and “what’s next” enables the OR to produce gains in cost-effectiveness through greater staff efficiency, improved quality of care though better patient tracking, and reduce administrative burden by facilitating faster, more patient-centered, technology-driven communications.

The heart and soul of OneSource ORMS™ is ORDesk. This consists of a very large touch panel Whiteboard – both analog and digital — that displays in real-time the dynamics of an OR schedule, staff assignments, and alerts. It is the “Command Information Center (CIC)” of the OR. It integrates all of the actionable data necessary to integrate surgeons, nursing, anesthesia, patients and OR resources using a patent pending graphical user interface.

A HIPAA compliant touch screen kiosk in the waiting area improves communication with waiting families, helping ease anxiety. Optional text message updates can also be provided. Customizable OR statistics ensure that managers can simultaneously match the number of surgical and anesthetizing locations to their staffing resources. Specialties are color coded, to ensure that the right personnel are assigned to the correct team. Using a graphical user interface (GUI), OR managers can drag and drop avatars of their personnel to create teams. Team members are customizable and can include any personnel type including anesthesiologist, nurse anesthetist, registered nurse and scrub tech. OR aides and anesthesia techs can also be added. This same GUI can be used to assign breaks and make relief assignments at the end of the day. The system remembers all assignments. When assignments change, notifications can be automatically sent to pagers or cell phones to inform relevant staff – eliminating the need for staff to make these phone or pager calls. Every member of the OR staff is now invested with the tools for proactively improving workflow based on what is going on in the OR at any given time. Actionable data is “pushed” to members of the OR team.

OneSource ORMS constantly “sniffs” the database for problems in the OR Schedule and generates alerts as programmed. The alerts engine is customizable and can be set to alert managers by text message or visual on screen alerts. Alerts might include cases exceeding planned surgical time, patients not arriving on time to the hospital, the recovery room capacity exceeding staffing ratios, slow room turnover, and patient delays in admitting or same day surgery.

Accompanying this suite of applications is OneSource ORMSMobile™. This mobile application is HIPAA and HITECH compliant and frees managers from being physically tied to the main desk of the operating room. It can display the entire OR schedule; inform you which cases are behind or ahead of schedule; and display the location and surgical plan/relevant diagnoses of any patient. It can also filter the data to only display the rooms and cases assigned to the user currently logged-in, only rooms and cases running late or running early, or only rooms assigned to a given surgical team. It also facilitates communication between managers and direct-care providers: A single click allows providers or managers to call, text or email with other staff relevant to any or all OR cases.

Developed by an anesthesiologist with more than 25 years of experience in academic, government, and community hospitals, OneSource ORMS™ optimizes the perioperative resources necessary to meet the increased demand for valuable assets. No other application integrates all facets of OR management into a single, cohesive suite of OR-based and mobile applications that run seamlessly together in real-time. Further defining OneSource™ from the competition, it can be layered on top of ANY existing scheduling system, eliminating the need for the hospital to allocate resources to staff re-training or system changeover.

OneSource ORMS is an innovative, user-friendly approach to operating room scheduling and management that helps empower optimization of the OR schedule, and therefore optimization of the hospital’s overall cost efficiency, professional staff management, JCAHO compliance, and the delivery of high-quality care that garners high patient satisfaction ratings and strong reimbursement rates.