Inspirational remarks by Peyton Manning as keynote speaker at HIMSS16 in Vegas March 2016

In his closing keynote at HIMSS16 in Las Vegas, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, the then reigning Super Bowl champ, spoke about leadership, teamwork and battling through adversity.

“I’ve been on the receiving end of your efforts,” the often injured quarterback told the crowd of healthcare professionals. “I can’t even come close to doing what you do.”

Likewise, “in an orchestra there are up to 20 different kinds of instruments, as many as 100 musicians, and a conductor,” he said. “Everyone has to synchronize very specific combinations for the music to wow its audience.”

In a hospital, meanwhile, “a team of personnel is key to a successful surgery,” he said. “Doctors, nurses and staff each perform individual roles. But unless they work together, and the IT systems provide critical intelligence, patients will suffer a less than optimum outcome.”

When teams “work in unison, toward the same goal, each playing his specific role at the highest level possible, the results often defy the odds,” he said.

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