We safeguard the security of our systems and operations at all levels
We apply multiple tiers of security measures to ensure our systems are protected from all angles. Our commitment to security touches every part of our operations, infrastructure, product, and corporate policies.

Application Security
Our product is designed with security in mind. We make sure security is a core component at every stage of the development lifecycle. Right from the initial planning stage, new features and projects are assessed in terms of their impact on privacy and security. At the design stage, low-level security issues are addressed and approved.During development, our programmers abide by programming best practices.

We’ve designed our applications with security features that allow you to protect your account and enforce your organizational security policies. We provide security settings and tools to prevent unauthorized access to your data. With features like account lockout, password policies, and session settings, you can secure your account to the highest degree possible.

Data Security
Protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data processed through our services is a fundamental objective of the OneSource security program. We employ strong technical safeguards to ensure that data is protected and the risk of exposure is minimized. All data and backups are encrypted at rest using strong cyphers (AES 256) and securely managed encryption keys to ensure that in the unlikely event that data is compromised, it still cannot be deciphered.

OneSource is an “HTTPS only” application. All data in transit is encrypted using TLS 1.0 and higher (depending on the client browser). In cases where HTTP is used, visitors are automatically redirected to a secure connection. These safeguards ensure that customer data is always encrypted in transit.

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