Where We Are Going

Today, OneSource Solutions International is leading the way forward in hospital connectivity, interoperability, teamwork, workflow optimization and communication. However, this is not the end game for us. We have a huge roadmap ahead of us with big plans to improve our product in every facet. We will continue to push forward with more third-party integration’s, more comprehensive mobile support, and additional scheduling features that solve real-world staff scheduling problems with elegance.

Our long-term objective is to bring advanced medical decision support, augmented by artificial intelligence, to every patient’s bedside everywhere in the world. The future holds great promise and OneSource is the only platform to allow researchers to create and deploy their AI algorithms directly at the patient’s bedside. Our OneSource medical grade Internet of Things platform normalizes, collects and aggregates the vast and continuous flow of patient data that will allow OSSI to provide the bandwidth of data necessary for super computers to perform the AI task of predicting future events based on historical data. OneSource provides a continuous and time-synchronized stream of data for AI development, whereas hospital databases only provide an intermittent slice in time.

We Operate Virtually And Globally

As a Software and Platform as a Service company, we operate virtually and globally. We see no reason to constrain ourselves to a physical office. A virtual operating model allows us to hire the best talent, no matter where they reside. It elevates the level of employee productivity and satisfaction, which correlates directly with our customers’ satisfaction.