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Medical Device Interoperability, Team Communication, and Mobility combined with high-fidelity data in a way that has never been possible before.

Benefits of OneSource

What We Do

We specialize in Data Integration from Medical Devices

OneSource connects the caregiver to high fidelity patient data coming from bedside medical devices on their smartphone, tablet, and/or workstation.

Our solution results in better communication and data.

Harold Arkoff, MD

CEO & Co Founder

Expert Team

Our R&D team has over 40 years combined experience in medical device connectivity and has cumulated over 250,000 hours of research, development, and testing of OneSource Solutions.

Patent Owner

OSSI holds over 5 patents linking them to some of the worlds most advanced technological ideas.

First In the Filed

OSSI is the first choice of worldwide medical device companies when they need a connectivity solution.

Cloud Based Architecture

We offer custom hosting solutions that can be through a secure cloud or all services on premises.

Surplus of Information Leads to Simplification Squeeze & Endangerment of Individuals


Of errors caused patient harm due poor communications


Average number of alarms per bed per day


Preventable annual cost , unplanned extubations

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*2 FierceHealthcare,com. “Hospitals rank alarm fatigue as top patient safety concern.” January 22, 2014.

*3 Airway Safety Movement. Unplanned extubation fact sheet.

OSSI Leadership

Teamwork is Everything. Our Team is Diverse and Committed to Success.

Vedran Jukic

CTO, Co-founder

Dylan Reid

VP of Operations

Osama Odabasi

VP Business Development

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