By doctors, for doctors.

We understand the intricacies, nuances, and shortcomings of healthcare because we have witnessed them firsthand. With over 30 years of experience as an Anesthesiologist, Dr. Harold Arkoff has an intimate knowledge of healthcare systems, and deep insight of how they can improve. Our team of engineers and professionals is committed to changing the future with advanced technology combined with easy-to-use solutions.


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OSSI has brought together a team of Physicians, Engineers, Business Leaders, and Technologists.

Teamwork is Everything. Our Team is Diverse and Committed to Success. We are:

Osama Odabasi

VP, Business Development

Dylan Reid

VP of Operations

Eric Egnet

Chief Innovation Advisor

Mark Smithyes

Head of Corporate Development

Hal Goetsch

Investor Relations

Gail Wilson

Director of Administration

Alexander Kim

Associate Business Development

Basit Munir

Lead Developer

Engineering Development

The Team at ServerNet in Trieste, Italy is made of up of 15 Engineers, Business Leaders, and Support Staff.


Nassib Chamoun

Health Platform Advisor

Rafael Ortega, MD

Medical Advisor

Shawn Sefton, RN, MBA

Medical Leadership Advisor

John Hanlon, CRNA, DNP

Healthcare Policy and Finance Advisor

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