AI Ready ®

OSSI’s OneSource AI Ready® Platform represents an exciting breakthrough for the future of Artificial Intelligence adoption across a hospital’s enterprise. Our AI Architecture shatters the barrier of infrastructure complexities and clears the path for industry and academic researchers to jump-start a worldwide AI initiative that can be deployed at any patient’s bedside. Delivering Edge computing and AI at a patient’s bedside represents and unprecedented opportunity for the brightest minds from industry and academics to collaborate to improve patient outcomes, deliver better patient experiences and drive improved quality of care at a lower cost through data driven initiates.

The enormous amounts of data our healthcare systems hold can powerfully assist us in understanding which patients need help, and what type of help. AI can potentially unlock this power by helping us stratify patients based on their risk for poor health outcomes, and connecting them to interventions that would be most meaningful to them.

The goal of AI is for patients to receive personalized and optimized treatment options, potentially demonstrating favorable outcomes. Big data are a major driver in the development of Precision Medicine, and efficient analysis methods are needed to transform numerous information sources into actionable knowledge. Integrating algorithmic-generated techniques into decision-making will soon advance the standard-of-care for hospitalized patients.