Clinical Distancing™

Clinical Distancing™ is a Platform as a Service (PAAS), featuring computer software platforms for medical clinicians to electronically communicate medical data between and among hospitals, doctors, and patients

Our cutting-edge telemedicine solution, OneSource’s Clinical Distancing™ allows for the seamless integration of all critical care medical devices regardless of manufacturing specifications.

Clinical Distancing™ captures and normalizes data from ventilators, patient monitors, and other medical equipment. This data is then integrated into streamlined remote viewing in real time. This data can be viewed from anywhere within a hospital using a workstation, tablet, or smartphone. As more patients can be monitored simultaneously, doctors and nurses are able to deliver more effective and efficient care while maintaining a safe distance.

This ready-to-install solution is rapidly deployable and does not rely on a hospital’s existing infrastructure. This process of medical device integration is intentionally made simple so that healthcare providers can focus on what is most important.

Deployed in Italy and ready for your hospital now.