What is Clinical Distancing™?

Clinical Distancing™ is the technical term we use for a simple concept — allowing medical professionals to monitor their patients’ health while maintaining a safe distance.

Clinical Distancing™ is a feature of OneSource CRMS.

Social Distancing in the Hospital.

With OSSI remote viewing technology, we have introduced social distancing to the hospital. The pandemic has highlighted the need to keep our health professionals safe from highly contagious disease. Now, medical personnel no longer need to visit patient rooms in person to check on medical equipment and to communicate vital information.

Increased Efficiency.

Most patient monitors require manual checking, recording, and input into electronic medical records (EMR). On average, a nurse will walk around 4-5 miles per shift. OSSI and Clinical Distancing™ allow nurses these to spend more time monitoring their patients and less time on manual processes, while keeping them safer from infectious disease.