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Nurse Manager

  • OneSource – A Clinical Workflow and Team Collaboration Platform.
  • OneSource ORMS® can communicate and execute the operational imperatives necessary to optimize the workflow of any OR.
  • Every user sees the right information at the right level of detail, presented in clear, simple visuals.
  • One glance…A wealth of information
  • Seamlessly connects users with colleagues, patients, labs, pharmacies, porters, cleaners, and other medical devices such as patient monitors and nurse call systems
  • Events, workflows and information are recorded and tracked in the system to help clinical management better view, manage and deploy resources
  • Merges data from multiple sources and displays it as meaningful information to help frontline staff make the best decisions on the move
  • Enables collaboration by removing workflow bottlenecks
  • Provides actionable data to team members, empowering them to be proactive
  • Provides tools for managers to be more effective leaders
  • Standard & custom real-time reports and analytics
  • Mitigates operating room inefficiencies
  • Streamlines the ability to multi-task and improve triage,
  • OneSource puts the power of handling complex, disparate sources of information into any handheld or desktop device.
  • OneSource connects your caregiving team in real time, regardless of their location, with a unified view of the patient’s medical record.
  • OneSource is a key component in delivering safe and more effective patient-centric healthcare and efficiency. Via its robust, secure Cloud-based technology, it immediately supports patient care, quality assurance/risk assessment, operating room management, and point of care efficiency data.
  • Avatars of patient’s care team with availability / status and group communication / messaging
  • Integration with EHR
  • Access to lab results, reports & consultations
  • Access to real-time vital signs, EKG and physiology waveforms
  • Encrypted messaging with support for image attachments
  • Standardized and custom audio or text messages for quicker clinician response
  • Users can quickly assess incoming alarm notifications.
  • “Overhead” pages and STAT alerts direct to external smartphone speaker
  • Staff & hospital directory with contact availability & status
  • Enterprise-grade telephony including video and push-to-talk
  • Easy to reach push-button in case of emergency.


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