OSSI is an innovative company specializing in creative and visionary solutions that augment natural workflow for healthcare workers. We focus on building scalable and robust products that incorporate the highest levels of protection for data in motion. Our goal is to build products that are easy to implement and use, and that protect our customers’ valuable protected health information without compromising on performance.

Dr. Arkoff’s unique skills and experience over the past 30 years as a biomedical engineer, programmer, physician, and anesthesiologist has made the development of OneSource possible. It has taken Dr. Arkoff and his team 6 years of research and development to create and bring to market the OneSource platform – a universal, cloud-based architecture that readily integrates with all major hospital EMR vendors. No other company had the vision, the talent and the willingness to take the risk to create something so bold as OneSource. At OSSI, we push ourselves everyday to add new features well ahead of our competitors. Our latest advance is OneSource IOT™ (Internet of Things). This sophisticated and powerful architecture is so robust, it can remotely connect and stream live vital signs and waveforms from patient monitors directly to your smartphone! The OneSource ecosystem provides a HIPAA compliant, mobile and enterprise solution that literally is your “OneSource” for your data and communication needs.

The future is coming soon…based on our OneSource architecture and OneSource IOT hardware platform, we will be delivering the first truly universal medical chart that can be added to any major EMR vendor. We call it OneSource EMR. It will present the user with a virtual medical chart that contains virtual paper documents based on your hospital’s actual paper forms – we call it OneSource Smartpaper™. This intelligent paper can retrieve individual data elements from the patient’s EMR and even share common fields with other forms. You can write, insert photographs, type, draw and even dictate with speech to text technology. Patients can even sign hospital forms. This universal EMR can access lab data and PACS system images. It even can stream live vital signs and waveforms from a patient’s monitor! Critical labs, messages and alerts at your fingertips. The same team collaboration tools that are in the original OneSource mobile platform have also been included. Regain control of your hospital’s EMR, and practice medicine in a more natural workflow, having immediate and secure access to a patient’s complete chart.

OneSource™ allows you to “Do more with the right tools…OneSource helps you do it better.

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