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Your survival depends on implementing the best strategies unique to your institution to capitalize on these changes. OneSource Analytics delivers more than just data. We deliver insights that create value. Our custom analytics can answer the business, utilization and quality questions you have today, and help you develop solutions for the challenges of tomorrow. If you’re open to new insights, new strategies and new possibilities to solve institutional inefficiencies, productivity, profitability, utilization and quality, we’ll provide answers.

Smart, data-driven decisions

We are here with YOU for the JOURNEY. Your success is our success. We want to enable and teach you how to leverage OneSource’s rich feature set improve patient & staff satisfaction, utilization of hospital resources, quality metrics and the financial health of the hospital.

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Harold Arkoff, MD
President, Founder and Creator of OneSource



Operating profit of most hospitals


Percent of hospital operating profit generated from surgical services


Average operating room utilization (OR occupied with a patient)


Average annual profit of a US hospitals


/minute/operating room

Operating costs per OR/per minute



/minute/operating room

Operating profit per OR/per minute



Profit from performing ONE additional surgical case/day



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