When Seconds Count… Lives are Saved

OneSource is role based, meaning that the advanced authorization structure enables specific views to be created for each role; guaranteeing patient privacy while optimally supporting the work process of each healthcare professional; reducing clinical errors by presenting only the most relevant patient information; and increasing efficiency by ensuring all patient information is available at all times.

OneSource Solutions International is a Health IT company for healthcare professionals. Our global vision is to transform the way healthcare teams communicate, collaborate and coordinate their efforts to improve patient care, enabling more timely and accurate decision making. We are able to accomplish this feat using our OneSource platform and patent pending technology which controls and merges the flow of patient data in a hospital into a single normalized dataset. This provides for an unprecedented opportunity for deep insights for AI, business operations, patient care, medical research, while making healthcare delivery safer, faster, more efficient, and cost effective. All of this is better for the patient, the healthcare provider, and the hospital.

OneSource is your one source for your data and communication needs.