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OneSource Solutions is leading the next wave of flexible, affordable and effective software solutions for the management of clinical patient information, avoiding the need to implement large costly systems with long implementation cycles and difficult transition management issues.

  • Every user sees the right information at the right level of detail, presented in clear, simple visuals.
  • One glance…a wealth of information
  • OneSource puts the power of handling complex, disparate sources of information into any handheld or desktop device.
  • OneSource connects your caregiving team in real time, regardless of their location, with a unified view of the patient’s medical record. (coming soon)
  • OneSource ORMS® can communicate and execute the operational imperatives necessary to optimize the workflow of any OR, thereby improving the safety, quality, productivity and profitability of your operating rooms
  • OneSource IOT® can drastically reduce your hospital’s IT cost of ownership associated with connecting medical devices to your EMR, while providing superior service and features.
  • The Bottom-line: OneSource™ family of products is going to:
    • Improve patient satisfaction
    • Increase productivity
    • Increase utilization of resources
    • Improve quality
    • Provide real-time analytics

Our Optional Big Data Analytics solution takes advantage of our partner’s deep healthcare experience, and are focused on improving financial and operational outcomes in highly specific areas like denied claims, self-pay, and vendor performance. These tools let you see the hidden trends, anomalies, and outliers that make your data a valuable asset.
Our Big Data Analytics will help you improve your financial, operational, and clinical outcomes.

  • GuideBoard – presents Key Performance Indicators
    • Financial metrics.
    • Governance issues.
    • Readmission rates.
    • Healthcare consumer satisfaction.
    • Community relations.
  • Revenue Management Analytics
    • Manages receivables more effective
  • Denial Management Analytics
    • Help overturn denied claims Eliminate root causes of future denials
  • Payment Pay Segmentation Analytics
    • Predict and improve cash realization from patient pay receivables
  • Patient Access Performance Analytics
    • Create clean claims upstream before they turn into denials downstream
  • Workforce Performance Analytics
    • Evaluate team members objectively and effectively Inspire better performance
  • Vendor Watch
    • Optimize your mix of in-house and outsourced Revenue Cycle activities
  • Provider and Physician Group Analytics
    • Provide actual insights for hybrid enterprises with incompatible systems
  • Value Care Analytics
    • Use the wealth of information in EMRs and other clinical systems to define best practices
  • Watchdog
    • Comprehensive data monitoring & intelligent and anomaly monitoring

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