Are you the CFO?

OneSource Solutions is the only company with an effective solution to tackle the complex barriers that prevent operating rooms from being more efficient and more profitable, while improving patient safety and quality of care.

OneSource ORMS® can communicate and execute the operational imperatives necessary to optimize the workflow of any OR, thereby improving the safety, quality, productivity and profitability of your operating rooms

Consider the following:

  • Surgical Services can generate more than 70% of a hospital’s operating profit
  • Most operating rooms are only 65%-68% utilized (during the day shift)
  • Adding one more case per day can generate more than $2 million of profit /year
  • Doing more cases during the day, saves labor costs by reducing overtime
  • OneSource IOT® can drastically reduce your hospital’s IT cost of ownership associated with connecting medical devices to your EMR, while providing superior service and features.
  • For most hospitals, the predicated ROI after implementing OneSource is likely to exceed 10X

Our Optional Big Data Analytics solution takes advantage of our partner’s deep healthcare experience, and are focused on improving financial and operational outcomes in highly specific areas like denied claims, self-pay, and vendor performance. These financial tools provide a single, centralized view of the enterprise with dynamic views and drill paths for the CFO, Controller, Accountant. They let you see the hidden trends, anomalies, and outliers that make your data a valuable asset.

Some financials tools of interest:

  • Revenue Management Analytics
    • Manages receivables more effective
  • Denial Management Analytics
    • Help overturn denied claims
    • Eliminate root causes of future denials
  • Payment Pay Segmentation Analytics
    • Predict and improve cash realization from patient pay receivables

Integration of these Big Data Finance tools with OneSource Analytics allows OneSource the ability to calculate the cash receivables per minute that each surgeon generates by CPT code. In other words, calculate the profitability of each surgeon normalized for time. If surgeons are requesting increases in block time or OR time, this analysis provides a method to compare the relative value/contribution of each surgeon to the hospital’s P/L normalizing the data case duration. Although the hospital might get reimbursed more for a given surgery with a slower surgeon (payor mix), a faster surgeon (with less favorable payor mix) might generate a higher reimbursement when normalized per minute. Thus, the faster surgeon, is generating more profit per minute than the slower surgeon, making room in the OR schedule for more cases to be performed in a day. This type of non-intuitive data, is vital in optimizing the allocation of operating room resources and maximizing operating room profitability.


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