Are you the CIO?

OneSource Solutions is leading the next wave of flexible, affordable and effective software solutions for the management of clinical patient information, avoiding the need to implement large costly systems with long implementation cycles and difficult transition management issues.

  • OneSource is compatible with all major EMR vendors via a securely encrypted HL7 web api.
  • Minimal IT resource demands to install. Rapid implementation measured in weeks, not months.
  • Cloud-based solution. HIPAA and HITECH compliant.
  • OneSource platform can be part of a disaster management plan when EMR is not accessible.
  • A single, secure login grants appropriate user access. No PHI data stored locally.
  • Eliminates need to work with multiple vendors – a single integrated solution.
  • Reduces cost of providing services compared to other vendors.
  • Improves reliability (99.9999% up-time) & service,
  • Reduces cost of ownership of medical device connectivity to EMR, while providing superior service and features – requires
  • separate purchase of OneSource IOT® medical device interface box.
  • Every user sees the right information at the right level of detail, presented in clear, simple visuals.
  • One glance…a wealth of information
  • OneSource puts the power of handling complex, disparate sources of information into any handheld or desktop device.
  • OneSource connects your caregiving team in real time, regardless of their location, with a while providing superior service and features.
  • Unified view of the patient’s medical record. (coming soon)
  • OneSource ORMS® can communicate and execute the operational imperatives necessary to optimize the workflow of any OR, thereby improving the safety, quality, productivity and profitability of your operating rooms

Does your hospital ask for analytics that makes sense of Big Data? Are you using in-house DIY tools or hiring consultants? We give you REAL HELP.
Our Optional Big Data Analytics solution takes advantage of our partner’s deep healthcare experience, and are focused on improving financial, clinical and operational outcomes. They have three basics in common:

1. Integrated data derived from formerly incompatible sources.

2. Advanced business rules that transform Big Data into actionable insights.

3. A visual interface that makes these insights crystal clear, for every user from executives to analysts to staff.


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